Rick Fletcher, Esq.

Rick Fletcher is the founding attorney at The Fletcher Law Practice whose focus is mainly on criminal defense and personal injury litigation. If you are facing criminal charges, Mr. Fletcher will fight aggressively for you. If you have experience harm in an auto accident, Mr. Fletcher can assist you. He can also pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Mr. Fletcher also represents individuals who have experienced property damage. This includes storm and water damage, for which the individual’s own insurance company fails. They fail by either refusing to pay or has underpaid for the replacement or repair of the damaged property.

More About Rick

Rick was born and raised in Pinellas county, Florida. He received his Bachelor of Sciences degree at Florida State University and his Law degree at Florida Coastal School of Law. While attending Florida State University, Rick majored in Criminology and Political Science. Rick learned that the although American justice system is one of the best, a knowledgeable attorney is still essential. A skilled attorney protects your fundamental rights and ensures your safety.

Rick’s Professional Career

After law school, Rick joined the 6th Circuit Public Defender’s Office as an Assistant Public Defender. He continues his quest to become a trial lawyer. For approximately 7 years as an Assistant Public Defender for both Pinellas and Pasco counties, Rick represented thousands of individuals. He handled all different kinds of criminal cases. For example, DUI, traffic offenses, drug charges, theft charges, burglary, domestic violence, battery, fleeing and eluding, robbery, gun charges, sex crimes, and murder. Many of these cases resulted in a Jury Trial, where Rick vigorously defended his clients. He fought against charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies that were punishable by life.

Rick’s Extensive Knowledge

In addition to his trial experience, Rick successfully negotiated with prosecutors to achieve favorable results for his clients. Rick’s knowledge of Florida’s Sentencing Guidelines, and the different sentencing enhancements. Such as Minimum Mandatory sentences, PRR, HFO, and 10-20-Life, allow his clients to be fully informed of their options and fully prepared to make the best decision for their future. In many of Rick’s cases, law enforcement tried to bend the rules to get evidence for a conviction. However, Rick was able to use his Client’s Constitutional rights, such as the 4th amendment, to prevent such evidence from being admitted in court. Resulting in a favorable outcome for his clients.

After being at the Office of the Public Defender for over 7 years Rick made the decision to join the prestigious law firm of Morgan & Morgan PA, where he learned the ins and outs of Insurance Law, primarily focusing on helping individuals receive just compensation from their own insurance company for property damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Having grown up in Florida, Rick knows first-hand how much damage tropical storms can cause. Most individuals who purchase insurance are not provided with the fine print of their own insurance policy.

Rick’s Passion

When a disaster occurs, one would expect the insurance company to treat their customers with fairness and honesty during the claims process. The sad reality is that insurance companies too often deny claims that should be paid or undervalue claims by using the fine print of the policy. With his experience at Morgan & Morgan, Rick learned how to go up against the insurance companies. He helps property owners obtain what they need to repair and restore their homes. After leaving Morgan & Morgan, Rick founded The Fletcher Law Practice.

When Rick is not working at The Fletcher Law Practice, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and young son. Rick’s wife is also an attorney, and they both enjoy discussing the law and various legal issues that come up in their respective professions. Rick is also an avid sports fan and enjoys cheering on his hometown teams and alumni.

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